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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Sindgi Pincode / Post Office Search (Bijapur, Karnataka)

Algur B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Almel S.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Asantapur B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Aski B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Bagalur B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Balaganur B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Bandal B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Bankalgi B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Bekinal B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Bhantanur B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Binjalbhavi B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Bommanjogi B.O 586115SindgiKarnataka
Borgi B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Budihal Ph B.O 586115SindgiKarnataka
Byakod B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Devangaon S.O 586206SindgiKarnataka
Gabsavalgi B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Ganihar B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Golgeri B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Goravgundgi B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Gubbewad B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Gundagi B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Hachyal B.O 586215SindgiKarnataka
Hanchli B.O 586120SindgiKarnataka
Handiganur B.O 586120SindgiKarnataka
Hikkangutti B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Honnalli B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Huvinhalli B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Ingalgi B.O 586115SindgiKarnataka
Jalwad B.O 586120SindgiKarnataka
Kadni B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Kakkalmeli B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Kalhalli B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Kalkeri S.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Kannolli B.O 586115SindgiKarnataka
Kerutgi B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Kesaratti B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Khainur B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Khanapur B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Kokatnur B.O 586115SindgiKarnataka
Kondguli B.O 586120SindgiKarnataka
Korahalli B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Korwar S.O 586120SindgiKarnataka
Kumshi B.O 586206SindgiKarnataka
Madanahalli B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Madbal B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Malghan B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Moratgi S.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Mulasavalgi B.O 586127SindgiKarnataka
Nagavi B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka
Neeralgi B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Otihal B.O 586115SindgiKarnataka
Padaganur B.O 586127SindgiKarnataka
Rampur B.O 586202SindgiKarnataka
Sindgi S.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Sindgi Town S.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Somjal B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Sungthan B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Surgihalli B.O 586215SindgiKarnataka
Tilgul B.O 586118SindgiKarnataka
Yalgod B.O 586120SindgiKarnataka
Yambatnal B.O 586127SindgiKarnataka
Yankanchi B.O 586128SindgiKarnataka
Yargal B.O 586123SindgiKarnataka